Friday, May 13, 2011

Wyoming Supreme Court Announces New E-Pay System

The Wyoming Supreme Court announced today that a new electronic payment (e-pay) system for citations is available online at  The new system was developed entirely in-house by the Supreme Court information technology staff and is available for payment of citations in all twenty-nine circuit courts. 

The e-pay system was first installed in Cheyenne in January and then subsequently rolled out across the entire state.  To date, over $325,000 has been collected over the e-pay system, and on one particular weekend when the courts were closed, almost $4,000 was collected. 

Designed to be convenient for the user, the e-pay system also reduces the amount of time clerks are spending taking credit card transactions over the phone.  Citation payments can now be made over a secure website from any location using the Internet, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  “The new electronic payment system is quite sophisticated,” stated Chief Justice Kite.  “International payments are accepted and currency conversions are handled automatically. We are very proud of our staff for developing a system that increases the efficiency of our branch of government, while at the same time provides a tremendous service to the individuals who use the system.  We appreciate the legislative support in adopting a statute that facilitated the implementation of this system,” she added.