Friday, April 15, 2011

Chief Justice Kite Moderates Diversity Panel

Chief Justice Marilyn S. Kite moderated a Leadership and Diversity Panel this week in Jackson.  The 2011 Women’s Legal Forum, hosted at the Grand View Lodge, kicked off its two day conference with a panel discussion on diversity and leadership throughout the Wyoming bench and bar.  The discussion centered around the need and value of open discussion, the unique qualities of leadership, and the importance of diverse perspectives.  The panel was made up of a variety of women lawyers in Wyoming: Nancy D. Freudenthal, U.S. District Court Judge; Nancy Guthrie, Former Wyoming District Court Judge; Mary Throne, Wyoming House of Representatives; Cathy Connolly, Wyoming House of Representatives; Cathy MacPherson, Past President, Wyoming State Bar; and Gay Woodhouse, Past President, Wyoming State Bar and Former Wyoming Attorney General.  Ruth McGregor, Former Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, also participated and provided the Arizona perspective.